25 June 2008


This blog is a project of a few field grade military officers attending the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The Command and General Staff College is a one year graduate level course with a mission to prepare students for the future by providing an accredited education with emphasis at the operational & tactical levels of war. The typical attendee is the US Army major, but our school also has many officers from the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and international officers from several countries.

The course we are in (08-02) started in February 2008 with 293 students; including forty-one international officers from thirty-nine countries.

We created a blog in order to facilitate a forum of discussion between us and the people we work for… the taxpayers. The publications of the officers on this site do not represent official military views, rather a candid & open discussion based on individual experiences.


Linda said...

Great blog site, George! You are really showing us up. :) I like the poll. I like the news links. Very thoughtful. I was going to call you a copy cat, but you did not copy, you advanced the idea.


George said...

SG 5/A also has a site: http://fivealpha.blogspot.com/