23 July 2008

Army needs a stealth tank

The Air Force has stealth planes:


The Navy has stealth ships:

The Zumwalt was conceived as a stealth warship with massive firepower to pave the way for Marines to make their way ashore. It features advanced technology, composite materials, an unconventional wave-piercing hull and a smaller crew

Now the Army needs a stealth tank:


George said...

The future of tanks lies in invisibility rather than invincibility as modern missiles can penetrate any tank's defenses. The stealth technology—similar to the one used in stealth aircraft— makes the tank nearly invisible to enemy radar, by absorbing rather than reflecting radar beams. The British stealth tank prototype also has a low center of gravity and almost crawls on the ground to avoid detection. By virtue of its light weight and size, it is more of a scout vehicle than a main battle tank.

Other invisible tanks that blend into the visual environment by controlling luminosity via the use of flares and diodes are in conceptual stages in the US and UK military. Such a tank would not only be very difficult for the radar to pick up but also for the naked human eye. Prototype technology that used cameras to video surroundings and project it onto vehicles is currently undergoing testing by the British Ministry of Defense. It has been suggested that an invisible tank could be ready for service as early as 2012, although the main obstacle was reliability of the cameras and projectors.

Moose Farmer said...

what do you mean modern technology? home ground stuff these a-holes are making in their basements can penetrate tanks. What we need are "lasers".

Air Power said...

"Lasers" are old technology. What we need is to fund the Alan Parson's Project to complete our "Death Star." Can't I even get a frickin' shark here?