25 July 2008

Civil Military Relations

We had a panel of PhDs a coupld of months back and they lectured the CGSC Majors on the need for us (the Majors) to be sure and educate ourselves on our proper place in the Civil Military relations continuum.

A thought occurred to me: I know for a fact we're getting educated on that topic, heck, it's part of our credentialing process if we want to continue up the ranks. What standards and credentials are required of the civilian leadership? It seems that a civilian just has to be at the right place and time for a political appointment or be a nimble GS employee to keep moving on up. It seems lopsided. What say you all?


George said...

Presidents recognize that when they win the election, they can select a cadre of about 6,000 people to help him or her “run the government.” The appointment process, however, is overly complex. What most presidents don’t realize is that when they take office, it will take at least a year if not more – at least one quarter of the President’s term office — to put those people in place. It then takes that team about another year to get up to speed.

Is there a better way?

Moose Farmer said...

Money, thats their credentialing requirements.