01 August 2008


In a recent article in Navy Times, sailors sound off on "shipmate" -- a term that to many has come to mean "screw-up." Talk of heritage and tradition is taking a back seat as some compare the word’s current usage to an insult. Who's to blame? How can the Navy rescue "shipmate"? Or should the term just be sunk?

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Shipwreck said...

It's humorous to me that this issue is getting so much attention. I'll answer the three questions at the end of the original post thusly:
"Who's to blame?" -- No one. Why are we always looking for someone to blame?
"How can the Navy rescue 'shipmate'?" -- It doesn't need to be 'rescued' - it's fine.
"Should the term just be sunk?" -- I like the nautical reference there, George - but no - it shouldn't be sent to live with Davy Jones.

We're all shipmates. If I call you shipmate and you've screwed up it's not the word's fault - it's yours.

Some of us need to thicken our skins and move on to more important things.

Fair Winds, Shipmate.