29 November 2008



As Thanksgiving is coming to an end I just wanted to bring attention to and give thanks for our Soldiers who are deployed. Equally important are the families of those Soldiers who are overseas.

For the first time in two years I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, and while we were eating I could not forget about the Soldiers who are overseas away from their families. I also could not forget about the Soldiers of my previous unit who like me are spending their first Thanksgiving at home in two years, but will be going back overseas soon, many on their third deployment in five years.

It is great to see that there are still people in this country that have a sense of duty and are willing to sacrifice for our way of life.

In conclusion, hopefully this blog meets the tasks, conditions, and standards of a blog entry.


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Tamara said...

I am truly grateful and thankful. This year is especially tremendous because I have many friends, families and colleagues spending this Thanksgiving Holiday overseas in a deployed status. I am ever so grateful for their selfless service and sacrifice. I recall spending my first Thanks giving oversea at my second duty station. Surely, this tour does not compare to being in a warzone but I know what it feels like to miss your family traditions and gather around the table with all the trimmings while caching up and sharing family stories. The good thing is the military is in essence your extended family. No other institution demonstrates the esprit de corps displayed in the armed services. So even though our soldiers are rotating across the pond, rest assured they are still among family as long as there are other soldiers around. Thanks to all my brothers and sisters in arms. I am proud to serve with you and you all are in our prayers. Happy Holiday!