08 August 2008

Tangled up in blue

What did you see my blue eyed son?

As I just finished watching the Opening Ceremonies to the Beijing Olympics, I wonder why can't the world get a long as harmoniously as it did this magical night. Yes I am quite aware that as I type Russia and Georgia are now involved in a very intense conflict, but that action did not prove to be the overture for the ceremony. Why is it that we scoff at the thought of a truly peaceful world society, one that we saw in a microcosm tonight? Is it wrong to aspire to a thought of this nature?? Now many may go on and on about the pageantry of the show, but the images I will remember will be those of athletes gathering together getting pictures of one another, sharing the fleeting moments of a magnanimous night together. If these competitive personalities can come together for a night to enjoy in the vision and embrace the spirit of that which is the Olympic Dream, then why cannot civilized countries do the same. Is the world just a competitive zone, and its people just resources for the few who are in charge?

Is it really that hard to get a long with one another and respect human life?? Do we have to be that competitive if we fear someone is embarking on our territory??

If someone asked me if there was no war, no threat of war, and no possibility of war, what would you do in the military... I would have to laugh because that question is neither logical or rational. Our consciousness has yet to fully grasp that we are one society one people, sharing one planet, and it really is up to us to save this world. It doesn't matter what one's ethnic origin is, we are equally charged with the responsibility of making this a better world for those who follow us. We can continue on our path, using and abusing every resource available, but is that truly how we want our generation to be remembered??

There are so many different steps that we can take to make this truly a better place; which one will be your step??
Just someone trying to provide shelter from the storm.


George said...

The fact is, over the past four hundred years, the world has continually gotten better at going to war and killing each other. General estimates place lives deliberately extinguished in the 1800s by politically motivated carnage at around 45 Million compared to 170 million in the 1900s.

Since 3600 B.C. the world has known only 292 years of peace. During this period there have been almost 15 thousands wars, in which over 3.6 billion people have been killed. To put this in perspective, the current population of the world today is around 6.6 billion.

Is it just our nature? Part of what makes the human race great… our motivation for more, is also our worst quality?

George said...

PS: It is not too hard to have that type of Opening Ceremonies to the Olympics when you have access to a large pool of slave labor. It looked great - but it is the same as a great tasting hotdog; I doubt you’d like it as much if you saw what went into it.