07 August 2008

Panel Recommends Changes to Military Retirement

A panel looking at military compensation has recommended dramatic changes in the military retirement system. The defined benefit would be 2.5 percent of the average basic pay for the highest 36 months of the individual's career multiplied by the number of years of service, with service members vested at 10 years of service. Payments to retirees would begin age 57 for those with 20 years of service or more and at age 60 for those with less than 20 years of service. (FULL STORY ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS WEEK'S LAMP)

If the US Army finds itself in a critical officer shortage situation that HRC did not predict, the US Congress will have no issue taking away from some of our benefits IOT maintain the strength/abilities of the US Army.

The US Army HRC does not think there is a problem with the shortage of majors, but I think that after winning the war on terrorism, predicting the future of the strength of the US Army should be the highest priority of the US Army.

What do you think?

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